If you don’t know the swedish illustrator Olle Eksell (1918-2007) by now, it is definitely time to have a look on his work!

Olle Eksell was the creative designer ahead of his time. This could be seen in the famous eyes of cacao, which was part of Sweden’ s first design program that Olle designed for Mazetti. (…) While working, Olle would think things out in every detail, having the ideas clear in his mind, before he put the designs down on paper. He always maintained a focused attitude, even while dressed casually in pajama bottoms and a t-shirt.
(source: olleeksell.se)

…And that is why I always loved his work! The small details are just perfect. It’s all about the details. 😉

Here is my favorite poster of Stureplan, Stockholm. You can find more beautiful posters and other items here:
Olle Eksell Onlineshop




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